We love all things beauty and lifestyle, being able to work with it is immensely exciting. We intend to create value for all stakeholders, society being a huge part of it. On the surface, business is about economic value creation, but we want to make it about so much more.


We believe with a vehemence that it has a bigger deeper impact on the society when done correctly. A business should always be aware of its ripple effect and never neglect it’s social impact. Our driving thought is to give back to the community as much as we can.

As we grow with time, making awesome collaborations, gaining your love and support as subscribers, we intend to make a significant impact by investing a part of our earnings in creating a BOX of nutrition and a BOX of hygiene, for people who badly need the support and do not have access to these basic but necessary means.

We do not want to limit ourselves in beautifying the surface, we would rather beautify lives to our best capacity, by making a small difference in the lives of people who truly need the help.

Chapter # 1

Have you ever noticed?


That Gorgeous Dusky girl has a captivating voice.

That Beautiful Petite girl has such a confident stride.

That Slender Pretty girl, best thing about her she her infectious smile.

That Radiant Fair skin girl is a staunch believer of equality and fights for human rights.

That Stunningly beautiful simple girl can light up whole room with her articulate presentation.

That Drop dead gorgeous curvy girl is a genius when it comes to Artificial intelligence.

That Super-sexy bald girl has an awe-inspiring sense of composure.

That girl whom we all call Fashionista has a deep-rooted spiritual side.


What’s inside matters….


PIPABOX……………    A box for every woman