Connecting Link - We believe that consumer is god with a zeal, and the everyday woman is our protagonist. Our mission is to unravel the world of unexplored beauty products from difficult to approach beauty brands to the masses so that you have more options, and a wider array to choose from. We are continuously trying to bridge the gap between amazing beauty brands and you.

Sampling Platter - The relationship between women and beauty products is like that of her with her lover. Commitment is not on the table right away, it takes courting, previewing, and sampling the relationship in snippets to take the jump. The human skin is delicate and has a mind of its own, thus it only makes sense that women get to sample products in miniature quantities before committing to standard sized products, which often comes with an economically taxing price tag. We at PIPABOX strive to unlock the world of beauty extraordinaire with a carefully curated range of miniature products, in a makeup, skincare and lifestyle subscription box.

Making Beauty Accessible – We understand and relate to the insanely busy schedules kept by women today, but among every other important thing on your everyday to – do list, beauty and self care in undeniably important. Very often it is blatantly ignored. We are here to make your lives easier by updating you about the most recent developments in the beauty industry, and provide you with a beauty sampling platter right at your doorstep with a tiny flick of your finger and a subscription.

Providing An All-Rounded Experience - We at PIPABOX started with beauty & skincare, but realised,one periphery is not enough, for giving the consumers an all rounded experience, thus we put our energies into creating lifestyle products which follow our rules and has the aesthetics of the brand, so that we could provide and entire world, filled with beautifully crafted products, to our consumers thus enabling them to choose from a myriad variety of options from cosmetics, skincare, stationery to jewelry, and an ever growing range of products to choose from.

Smooth Consumer Experience – We value your time and believe that all you beauties out there deserve a smooth and gorgeous experience while subscribing with us. We have vowed to make your experience with us the most memorable within your capacity. We have spent uncountable hours conjuring up ways to make every moment that you spend with us exciting, fun and smooth, and promise to keep making it better in every way that we can.