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Our founder decided to curate the beauty apothecary.She firmly believes that beauty is a holistic and personal experience. It is supposed to be bespoke and not an universal size that fits all.

She says that the perfect regime takes several small steps, numerous trails some slip ups and a constant discovery of products.

Frustrated with investing heavily on products which are generally extravagantly expensive, yet failed to be a good match for her skin, she devised a solution of curating miniatures of these products so that women who relate to this problem can sample the snippets before making a decision.

Her love for beauty and skincare, and the constant need to discover more, meant she vowed to become a connecting link between women who have literally no time to spare from their busy schedules and the rapidly evolving beauty and skincare industry.

Truly humbled by the recognition,and being listed among 100 successful women entrepreneurs in MSME.

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